Monday, 22 July 2019

Contemporary Issues

The Bible touches on every aspect of our spiritual lives and on our relationships with God. Furthermore, it does not ignore the difficult issues we face in our contemporary lives. It is a book for all times. When we face an issue, we find that the biblical perspective's thinking about it is clarifying. This series deals with contemporary issues (such as divorce, abortion, death and addiction) from a biblical perspective.

10 - Magic: Fact or Illusion?


Author: Maged Sidhom
Publisher: Vision For Future (year)

Is magic fact or illusion? Are there any statistics available which explain its spread? To what extent is magic related to culture? Is there confusion between magic, sorcery, superstition, inspiration and sleight of hand? These are the kinds of questions addressed by Book 10 in Vision for the Future's Series on Contemporary Issues.

The Bible talks about magic. It warns about omen, pessimism, bringing up souls, consulting the dead, turning to mediums and to spirits, and making children pass through the fire. The New Testament gives examples of Christ's power over evil spirits, such as the healing of the women that ‪had been bent over for 18 years‬, and the dumb man who had been possessed by a demon. In addition, in Acts, we watch Barnabas and Paul face Elymas the magician. Later, in Philippi, Paul faces the woman who has the spirit of Python within her, and we observe as Paul rebukes the evil spirit and casts it out of her. Repentance is often associated with the burning magic books. ‬‬‬‬‬

This book is a bold and exciting journey to understand the world of magic and magicians in the light of God's Word. It warns of the dangers of magic. It also directs the reader to a message of reassurance that among believers magic can have no ill effect on them. On the contrary, also among believers, God is able even to give power over magic, to protect, and bring about salvation.


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