Thursday, 21 November 2019

Biblical Concepts

There is no doubt that we are all prone to stumbling in our spiritual life due to the wrong concepts of theology which we have formed in our minds. This series is designed to discuss key spiritual concepts in a way that reveals and clarifies biblical truths and is comprehensible to the contemporary Arabic mind.

6 - The Power to Change


Author: Dr. Nagy Maurice
Publisher: Vision For Future (year)

If sociologists talk about the power of social change, the Word of God talks about the power of human change. The more genuine the change among the individuals of a community, the more their entire community truly changes in the same direction.

This book is a modest attempt to make clearer the power of change in humanity which was corrupted because of sin. Man is invited to live and to reflect the image and dignity of God. The writer invites the reader in this book to walk with him the journey of change to become the complete man.


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