Monday, 22 July 2019

Biblical Concepts

There is no doubt that we are all prone to stumbling in our spiritual life due to the wrong concepts of theology which we have formed in our minds. This series is designed to discuss key spiritual concepts in a way that reveals and clarifies biblical truths and is comprehensible to the contemporary Arabic mind.

2 - My Church Is One Church


Author: Ezzat Shaker
Publisher: Vision For Future (year)

What is the biblical meaning of church? What is the origin of this word? When was the church founded? Is the church a building or a message to the world? Why does the church support non-members? Why the church has to realize that it is not an end in itself, but a means to an end that has a very glorious purpose: the extension of the kingdom of God on earth?

When was the church divided into various denominations and doctrines, and why? When did the evangelical churches appear? What were the roles of the Inquisition (Inquisitio Haereticae Pravitatis) and of Indulgences in bringing about the Reformation? What reasons led to the alienation of the church from society? What is God's purpose for the church? What are the ways of worship and liturgy in the traditional and protestant churches?

This book provides a simple yet comprehensive picture of the history of the Church, the most important stages of change in the church, the development of its role in past times, its role in the spiritual enlightenment, the principles of faith, and God's plan for the salvation of mankind.


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