Monday, 22 July 2019

Biblical Concepts

There is no doubt that we are all prone to stumbling in our spiritual life due to the wrong concepts of theology which we have formed in our minds. This series is designed to discuss key spiritual concepts in a way that reveals and clarifies biblical truths and is comprehensible to the contemporary Arabic mind.

12 - The Holy Spirit Of God


Author: Bakheet Mattah
Publisher: Vision For Future (year)

• Who is the Holy Spirit?
• What is the meaning of a Person?
• Is the Holy Spirit eternal or created?
• What is the meaning of the emergence of the Holy Spirit from the Father?
• Is the Holy Spirit mentioned in the Old Testament?
• Does the Holy Spirit appear only in the New Testament on the day of Pentecost?
• What is the baptism of the Holy Spirit? What are the gifts of the Holy Spirit?
• Is the baptism of fire the same as the baptism of the Holy Spirit?
• What is the role of the Holy Spirit in repentance and faith?
• What are the fruits of the Holy Spirit? Are the fruits of the Holy Spirit different from the gifts?
• How do we enjoy the guidance of the Holy Spirit? What is his role of the Spirit in casting out demons?

The book is a fascinating study in which the writer explains one of the most important theological issues of which we are in need. He says: "We are responsible to be witnesses for our salvation. The Holy Spirit who was given to the church from the beginning and will stay forever, commissioned us with this task." (John 14:16)

As long as the Spirit remains in the Church, He will witness to Christ.
We are witnesses to some degree and to the extent that the Spirit gives and leads us.
To what extent do we respond to the leadership of the Spirit and witness to Christ in the Spirit?

I urge you beloved brother to be encouraged by the Holy Spirit and be in fellowship with Him to testify for Christ who will be glorified in us first and foremost.

We will abide with our hearts in the Lord and witness for him if he invites us to this great honor to be partners of the Holy Spirit. Our faithfulness requires that we respond to this invitation too.


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